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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bear Softie Toy

This is a quick and easy project for a baby's softie toy.  The face is embroidered so there are no parts for baby to put in his/her mouth.  I did not put a ribbon on this bear for the same reason.

According to my machine this design is 1,790 stitches and will be 4 minutes machine time.  

The first step is to hoop tear away stabilizer.

Next, a piece of polar fleece goes on top of the stabilizer and the first step is sewn.

Here I placed a piece of solvy stabilizer on top of the fleece.  This keeps the stitches from getting buried in the fabric.  The next step sews the eyes and nose. Remove the solvy after the nose finishes sewing. 

Isn't he cute??

The next step is to place another piece of fleece face down.  Then you sew out the final step.

Next you cut out the bear leaving 1/8" seam allowance.  You now turn the bear right side out and stuff with fiberfill.  Now you sew the opening that was left so you could turn the bear right side out.  Use a ladder stitch for this.  That's it.....all done!

Here is our bear with some of his friends!

This design is available from Swak Embroidery

The design file includes 3 different size bears.  The one I made is the largest size.  When done my bear measured about 6" tall and about 5.5" across.  I have noticed that the size can vary a little depending on the amount of stretch in the fabric.

If you have an embroidery machine I hope you try making this.


  1. these are so cute, would make fun little gifts for kids

    Brooke x

  2. Thank you Brooke. I enjoy making them. They each have their own personalities.